SBT Tasks

  • Run scalastyle to find style and linting violations. The plugin is configured through ./scalastyle-config.xml.
  • When you compile, your code is automatically formatted. You can manually run the formatter with scalariformFormat.
  • To see a visualization of the project’s dependencies, run dependencyGraph.
  • Keep up-to-date by running dependencyUpdates and upgrading the versions in ./project/Dependencies.scala.
  • Run stats to get a listing of various metrics, including lines of code and project size.
  • You can find the exact memory layout of a given class by running jol:internals my.Class.
  • To get meta and run a plugin that introspects plugins, run about-plugins.
  • Generate a visualization of your project dependencies with projectsGraphDot.
  • Using classDiagram my.class will generate an SVG diagram of your class and its ancestors.